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Our Mission:  To provide FREE Gospel-centered materials that allow churches, schools, ministries and families to develop a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage them to share their faith with others.  

God – Life – Sin – Jesus – Faith – Decision: These are the biblical concepts embedded in all our materials.  Understanding of these significant truths will help children, youth, adults and families to embrace faith in Christ Jesus, to be grounded in their faith, and prepare them to share with others. 

We begin with 10 Core Gospel Lessons  that carefully teach the Gospel concepts.  Then our supplementary materials – Gospel Truths in a Bag (Object Lessons)  AND Gospel Family Devotions reinforce these truths.  And we have embraced The Jesus Storybook Bible  for the littlest ones!

Our lessons are written for children, youth and adults. Our desire is for all to have a thorough understanding of the Gospel, a firm foundation “like the wise man who built his house on the rock” (Matthew 7:24-27). 

All materials are FREE.  Use them and share them.  Link us to your personal or church website, share us on Facebook and other social media.  Our materials will always be FREE.

Our Gospel Materials focus on your group (young and old) understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You will have the opportunity to WIN others to Christ, GROUND them in their faith, and EQUIP them to share the Gospel with others.

Venues: Our materials are perfect for individual and small group study; for children’s church, Sunday school, youth groups, Christian schools, home Bible studies, family devotions.   


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Donation Based
We are a faith-based ministry.  This means that we are able to continue our work through loving people who contribute financially.

We believe that when someone experiences the value of being a part of Sharing My Faith Ministries, they will be willing to give back – even if it’s a small amount. This will allow us to grow globally.







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