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Description of our Gospel Materials

10 Core Gospel Lessons

These essential lessons teach the biblical truths of the Gospel (God, Life, Sin, Jesus, Faith, Decision).  Each lesson follows the same pattern, easy to prepare for and to present.  We’ve also included a material packet for free download.  Lessons are written for children, youth and adults. 

Gospel Truths in a Bag (Object Lessons)

Familiar objects are used to illustrate the Gospel truths (God, Life, Sin, Jesus, Faith, Decision).  Object Lessons help us experience God in the world around us.  And these lessons stick – Kids will learn to share their own “object lessons” with family and friends as they learn to see and talk about Jesus wherever they go.

Gospel Family Devotions

Our Family Devotions concentrate on the Gospel truths (God, Life, Sin, Jesus, Faith, Decision).  Each devotion has scripture and discussion points to allow your family to interact spiritually.  We plan to write many sets of these devotions with the help of people like you. 

Jesus Storybook Bible Lessons

Coming Soon: One-page lessons for each of the 44 stories in this delightful children’s Bible – perfect for children’s church, home devotions, preschool classes, anywhere little ones gather.  (This Bible is offered through many retailers, in standard size and big-book size with supplementary DVDs.) 

Weave the Gospel

Coming Soon: Weaving the Gospel is a strategy that allows you to explain the six POINTS of the Gospel in the context of a Bible passage.  For example, using the Bible Passage of Two Thieves on the Cross, you can share each point of the Gospel Outline. What does the Bible Passage tell us about GOD?  LIFE?  SIN?  JESUS?  FAITH?  DECISION?  As your group gains confidence, they will want to choose Bible passages that personally relate to them.  This document shares samples that are found in our Ten Core Gospel Lessons.