Sharing My Faith Ministries develops resources that are:

Adaptable: We recognize that God gives churches and ministries a structure, diverse people groups and sub-cultures around and within them. We consider their need, vision and focus. We look at what they have and do not yet have, what has worked and has not worked. We assist with adaptations and come alongside to help them raise up leadership to train and implement. Thus, we prepare them to equip their people to share the Gospel as best fits them.

Accessible: We design resources that can be transmitted over the Internet, and downloaded for free. This serves groups that cannot afford to purchase materials, countries that have limited printed materials but have Internet access, and countries that ban Christian materials in print. Also, this allows us to diligently serve our ministry partners and use God’s resources wisely by eliminating the costs associated with printing, warehousing and shipping.

Flexible: As we assist churches and ministries, all ages, cultures and learning styles are accommodated. We encourage strategies for family discipleship. Everyone, from young children to super-seniors, deserves the privilege of being a part of the Great Commission.

Also we recognize that 65% of people in the world are oral learners (including many educated people in our own nation). Oral learners learn best by listening, speaking, telling illustrations, video, song and action. One of our goals is to provide materials – free downloads – to those who are not primarily print learners.