Prayer Requests:

  • Christians would see the need and be obedient when God provides opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • God will provide opportunities for us to present our ministry to others and they would be willing to use our resources.
  • God will use our ministry to bring together families, churches and other ministries worldwide to equip people to share the Gospel.
  • God will continue to grow a global team to create variations and translations for our Gospel Materials.
  • God will provide for the financial needs of our ministry.

Our Newsletter:
Periodically, we send out newsletters to our members and others who want to know what is happening in the ministry.
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Donation Based:
We are a faith-based ministry.  This means that we are able to continue our work through loving people who contribute financially.

We believe that when someone experiences the value of being a part of Sharing My Faith Ministries, they will be willing to give back – even if it’s a small amount. This will allow us to grow globally.