Weaving the Gospel is a strategy that allows you to explain the six POINTS of the Gospel in the context of a Bible passage.
As your group gains confidence in sharing, they will want to choose Bible passages that personally relate to those they are sharing with.
For example, using the Bible Passage of Two Thieves on the Cross, you can share each point of the Gospel Outline. What does the Bible Passage tell us about GODLIFESINJESUSFAITHDECISION?

Below is a sample “Weave” that you will want to personalize — Make it your own.


GOD: At the Crucifixion, two thieves hung on crosses next to Jesus. Like us, the Bible teaches that each of these thieves was created by God with an Everlasting Love.
LIFE: Also like us, these thieves were created to be eternal. In short, they were soon going to face judgment and have an eternity in Heaven or Hell.
SIN: God’s Word tells us that sin causes God’s punishment to be upon us. So like the thieves, we too are going to face a judgment.
JESUS: Yet because of His great love for us, God punished Christ on the Cross for all sin. It is through our trust in Christ that we can have forgiveness for our sin debt.
FAITH: This trust is what is called faith. Faith is believing that Jesus alone is the reason we have the ability to have eternal life in Heaven.
DECISION: Going back to the two thieves, there was a time when both of the men mocked Jesus. But at one point, one of the thieves made a decision to recognize Jesus as God.

The promise that happened next is the cornerstone of our faith. The thief would never have an opportunity to do anything to earn God’s favor. Christ still looked at him and said, “I tell you the truth, today you will be with Me in paradise.”

The Gospel

GOD is our Creator who loves us with an everlasting love.
Genesis 1:1 and 1:27
God created us to have Eternal Life.

ETERNAL LIFE is having a forever relationship with God.
Romans 6:23
But we have a problem called Sin.

SIN is doing things our way, not God’s way.
Romans 3:23
God’s solution to our sin problem is Jesus.

JESUS is our Creator God.  He came from Heaven to earth. He lived a perfect life that you and I can’t live. Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sin. He was buried and He rose from the dead. Jesus is in Heaven now offering us the gift of eternal life.  And Jesus will someday return again.
John 3:16-17
We receive God’s gift of eternal life by Faith.

SAVING FAITH is trusting Jesus for eternal life.
John 14:6
God’s gift of eternal life can be yours by deciding to trust Jesus.

DECIDING to trust Jesus is the only way to have eternal life.
Acts 16:31

Do you know Jesus the way I have shared with you?  Would you like to trust Jesus for your eternal life?